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What Type Of Video Game Design Education Do You Need

By Adriana Noton

Becoming the senior games designer for a company is a dream that many young people have. However, it means a lot more work than playing on video games all of the time. There are some places that will ask for a video game design education while others will want the experience. Other companies will ask for an education in another area due to the natural of the work.

When consider the type of education that you will need, it is worth considering the job of a designer of computer and video games. The first thing to note is that the job of the designer is not to actually make the game but to create the style and rules. There are a number of layers that will be created, which means a variety of skills will be required.

Coding is not something that you will find companies ask for when it comes to this role. The coding will be the job of the programmer. The employer will want to know that you have a good eye for detail and are able to create the frames and storyboard for any new game. You will also find that you need to do the paperwork required for the game, including specifications and manuals, and you will need to be able to manage the project.


Computer science is a popular degree but not all companies will ask for this. The benefit of having this degree is that a variety of modules are covered, including a module into the whole project life cycle. There are other types of qualifications that you can gain and some are gained through experience on the job. It is worth finding out more about the apprenticeships and on the job training that you can do.

Rather than going to college to do your degree or gain any qualifications, you can also do them online. This is beneficial since it means that you can learn while working. There are different types of courses that you can take so it is worth doing your research into each one.

The first thing that you will need to make sure is that the qualification is worth something when you enter the world of work. Studying at a school will mean that you gain a degree from that institution but you could find it difficult if you opt for an online course with an individual party. Ask the company about whether the course is accredited by another institution and always check with the Better Business Bureau.

You will also benefit by checking for reviews on the qualifications. There will usually be a third party review website that you can check, which will have reviews from past and present students. You want to find somewhere that is recommended as well as accredited.

You can gain work from a variety of places when you have a video game design education but it does not mean that you are guaranteed the work. You will need to check what each company is asking for and also stay on top of your skills. Something that you will usually find is that companies want portfolios of your graphics so make sure you have one ready.

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