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Magazine Holders, Books And Bookshelves: Decorating Ideas For Those Who Love To Read

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By Georgia Templeton

If you love to read, you probably find yourself trapped amongst piles of newspapers, magazines and books in every room of your home. They tend to pile up in corners, near your favorite reading chair and around the bedside table. Throwing out your beloved treasures is simply not an option, so what do you do to reduce the reading clutter in your home? Try using those piles of printed materials as decorating fodder.

Magazine Holders

Magazine holders come in every shape and size and can be found in contemporary, classic and even rustic designs. Wall mounted holders can get those piles of magazines up off the floor and utilize those beautiful covers as home accents instead of obstacles.

Magazine holders with acrylic fronts can protect and display rare or lovely magazine covers while storage bin type holders can keep the clutter out of sight. Depending on the material used in making the holder, you can use complimentary or contrasting design elements to draw attention to your beloved reading materials.



Bookshelves do not have to be boring square wooden planks. Ladder type shelves, wrought iron racks or even large books themselves can be mounted on the wall, propped in an alcove or suspended from the ceiling.

The tops of kitchen cabinets can be used as storage space for cookbooks and other infrequently used books. Even hidden spaces like the inside of closet doors and the area below a banister or handrail can be equipped to store books in an attractive and useful manner.

Decorating With Books

One great way to use books to accentuate any room is to group them according to color. Especially large book collections can look stunning when arranged according to the color of their spines. Keeping one display area strictly black and white can create an interesting decorating area. Another option is to group volumes of similar size together, or alternating a few very large books with a few smaller ones. This play on geometrics can create a visually stunning effect.

You can stack increasingly smaller books under table lamps, potted plants or knick-knacks. Turn three or four larger volumes on their sides and you they can be used as colorful, impromptu bookends.

Old volumes or rare collections can be displayed in a glass wall mounted case just like fine china. Books with gilded pages or spines may be used along with accent lighting to create interest in a library.

You can scatter a few collections of books throughout each room of your home or confine them all to one central library with floor to ceiling displays and book accents. End tables, baskets, window sills or built in shelving can all be used to display your treasured books.

By turning those piles of books into decorating elements, you can reduce the clutter in the home while surrounding yourself with your cherished old favorites and new books waiting to be discovered. If you love to read, you can turn your passion into decorating fodder by organizing your treasures while keeping your favorites close at hand.

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