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Spy Cell Phone Technology In Russia

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By Shawn Davis

In June of 2005, Russia offered up spy cell phone technology for the use of its military, its government and its people. Of course, at $2,500 it is too expensive for most ordinary Russians to purchase. However, the fact that it is on sale is a step forward for Russian technology, as the algorithms used to make this a spy cell phone were not certified by the government, and therefore the technology was illegal. The phone was presented by the Russian Federal Security Service during the International Show of Military Equipment, Technologies, and Arms.

This particular spy cell phone is great because it provides counter surveillance help. It is called the SPM-Atlas and was developed under the direction of the Russian Federal Security Service at the Atlas Research and Development Center. The phone makes use of data encoding algorithms that can help obscure what is being said over the cell phone.


Cell phones are notorious for being intercepted able. Anyone with a cell phone scanner or an interceptor listening device can eavesdrop on your cell phone transmissions. A spy cell phone like this one that is on sale in Russia could allow you to encrypt your transmissions. You can switch into encrypted mode from open mode if you are ready to have your transmission guarded. This means that anyone trying to listen in on your conversation would hear nothing but gibberish.

Russia’s unveiling of this spy cell phone shows that it is back in the business of creating spy devices, and it adds the interesting idea of offering them to the general public. This particular phone is available at most cell phone stores in the country, and anyone with the $2,500 can buy one. The battery is a lithium battery that can run for 75 hours in standby mode. However, it is good for three hours of continuous use when in encrypted mode, which is good for most cell phones.

This phone offered by Russia is a great technological advancement and has the potential to go a long way in efforts of protecting one’s privacy and making use of effective counter surveillance, and it is in the form of a basic spy cell phone.

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