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Skateboard Gloves Protection For Your Hands

By Peter Rivers

Risk is a part and parcel of life. If you are aware of the presence of a certain danger in advance, then you manage the same more effectively. Similarly, it is known that there are a good number of chances of falling and getting hurt while skateboarding. Therefore you should take adequate precautionary measures and wear the skateboard protective gears like skateboarding helmet, skateboard protective pads and skateboard gloves before you go out for skateboarding.

Skateboard gloves are hand gloves which most of the skateboarders are advised to wear just like any other item of protective gear. While skateboarding, you may be pushed forwards and may fall on your hands. As a result, the entire weight of your body is borne by the hands. In order to prevent your bones from breaking, it is crucial that you must have some item of protective gear in place.


There are basically two kinds of skateboard gloves available in the market, one is the fingerless wrist guard variety and the other is a slide glove. There is yet another third variety, which are gloves with integrated wrist guards. Obviously it is most desirable that you opt for the third variety as it performs dual functions and also helps you by reducing the overall costs of investment in skateboard protective gears. Both the fingerless guard variety as well as the gloves with integrated wrist guards are equipped with adequate support and designed to absorb the shock and minimize the chances of a wrist injury.

Skateboard gloves are manufactured using a variety of materials including leather. Irrespective of the kind of gloves you opt for, remember to buy a pair, which is designed well. Pick good quality gloves, which are both tough and flexible at the same time. Also, choose those gloves that fit you well and are equally comfortable. A good quality glove is one that is designed to ensure that your hands remain relatively dry while skateboarding.

There are several brands in the market selling skateboard gloves. Among the popular brands are Triple 8 and Spitfire. The spitfire brand sells a particular kind of skateboard glove that has extra protection for the knuckles as well. Some models of the Triple 8 brand even add an extra layer of padding to offer additional support for the palms and the palm sides. Double layer of the leather and other fabrics used also increase the life of these gloves. Most of the skateboard gloves available in the market are generally black in color. You may find a few brands offering you these gloves in other skin tone colors. Almost all the skateboard gloves available in the market have their brand name and logo imprinted on them. They are available in a various sizes to cater to the demands of all age groups of both sexes and can be purchased online. Therefore when selecting skateboard gloves for yourself check on the products quality and also make sure that you are comfortable in them.

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