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Q &Amp; A In Business Card Printing

Submitted by: Johnray Daniels

Some of us may be stuck with corporate business cards that some capitalist thought is appropriate to its image. But to those who have the liberty to create their own business card design, today s printing system allows for creation of custom business cards even for just a small amount of money. However, if you are new to the business card industry, you may have a lot of question in mind before you consider printing a business card. Here are some of the common questions in business card printing:

Question: What will business cards do to your business?

Answer: Aside from providing your contact information to your target customers, a business card helps reinforce your marketing message. It tells your prospects that if they want to know about you and your product offering, they should get in touch with you.

Question: Aside from the basic information such as the name, phone number, and address, what are the other elements that should be included in a business card?

Answer: You need to have a tagline and a logo. Your tagline will help explain what it is that you really do and what products or services that you offer. A simple tagline is enough. It has to be clear, concise and direct to the point. Be sure to put your logo as well as it will help promote brand awareness. Make sure that you have a compelling and well designed logo that effectively conveys the type of business that you are. It is also recommended t include your social media details such as Twitter and Facebook account, when applicable.


Question: How do you make your business card unique?

Answer: In today s highly competitive market, it is really important to stand out. You can consider combining striking designs with different card shape and size to make a card that truly stands out. You can also play with the graphics, use unique paper stock, and printing method. It is best to put a personal touch to the design of your card to make it more memorable.

Question: What kind of color printing should you use?

Answer: The common practice of many people is to use two color printing as it is more affordable. However, you can still go for four color or full color printing if you have the budget and you want a more dynamic design. Just be sure not to use too many colors to keep your card from looking too busy and confusing. Use only simple colors to ensure you create an engaging and professional business card.

Question: Is it recommended to use the back side of the card?

Answer: Many people use the back side of the card to print supplementary details and graphics. If you want to use the back of your card, be sure to leave enough space where people can write their notes.

Question: How many business cards should you print?

Answer: Look at your marketing need and target customers. In general, it is best to print few but effective business cards at first as information such as phone numbers and address can often change. It s best not to order a lot, but concentrate more on creating an impactful business card.

Question: The best tip to creating a business card?

Answer: Keep it simple, professional, and easy to read. When you want to use unconventional design, be sure to test it out first before printing it in bulk to ensure that you don t waste time and money.

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