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Fear Of The Dentist: Coming To Terms With Your Phobia

Fear of the Dentist: Coming to Terms With Your Phobia


Andrea Avery

It is relatively common to feel trepidation before a dental appointment, particularly if you are experiencing a toothache or some other problem you think might be expensive or painful. But for some people, this trepidation goes a lot further and develops into a full-blown phobia of the dentist. This often prevents these people from getting the dental care they need, which can lead to serious health problems. Once these have taken root-so to speak-it can compound the fear, leading to a vicious cycle that can easily lead to tooth loss and a lot of misery. Your best bet is to get over your fear before any of that takes place. Here are some ways you can come to terms with your phobia and get back in the dental chair.


It might be a comfort to realize that dental procedures are getting better every day. Rare are the occasions when the dentist needs to bring out the old drill and silver fillings to treat a patient. Today\’s modern dental facilities make use of modern technology, including lasers and less invasive techniques that reduce pain and reduce the amount of time you have to sit in the examination chair. If you do some research, you\’ll see that things have come a long way since you were a child.


Ask Questions

You\’re an adult now and you deserve to ask as many questions as you want before the dentist begins working on your teeth. Set up an appointment and make your dental professional understand that you just want to get some information. Sit down and discuss your options for treatment. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or pressured, you can feel absolutely free to leave and find someone else. Not all dental offices are created equally, by any means. If the dentist you are seeing doesn\’t make you feel at ease, find someone who does.


For some, the fear of going to the dentist is not rooted in pain or trepidation about sitting in the chair, but rather the cost. If you have been experiencing tooth problems, you may fear that getting your problems fixed will be prohibitively expensive. Look at it this way: these problems are not going away whether or not you go in for an examination. They will only get worse and your options will become more and more limited with each passing day. At least have an exam and see what you\’re dealing with. The solution may not be as expensive as you feared. If it is, there are payment programs that can help you.

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