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Dental Implants For A Perfect Smile

Submitted by: Derek

Sometimes things go terribly wrong with our teeth causing them to get severely damaged or we lose them completely. In this situation, many people will consider dental implants. What is a dental implant? A dental implant is basically an artificial tooth. It is similar to the actual tooth in such a way that the root of the artificial tooth will be as deep as that of an actual tooth. This is one of the most advanced ways of replacing teeth. The good thing about dental implants is that no one will be able to tell that is not your original tooth. They look and feel real and are made to fit perfectly in your mouth. They feel and act like natural teeth. They are fixed permanently into your mouth, which makes it feel just like a real tooth.

Patients who had dental implants have no complaints so far apart from slight adjustments that need to be made. The implants feel so natural and it is as though you never lost your tooth. In some cases, dental implants are needed not just when you lose a tooth, but when you lose the root. Cavities are an example of roots being destroyed. Dental implants Encino fix a replacement for the root of the tooth in your gum. Over it they place the crown, or the tooth. This cements the tooth in place and makes it look as good as a real tooth. Dental implants Encino are used not only for a single tooth, but can be used to replace several teeth or sometimes are used for an entirely new set of teeth. They have been being used successfully for over thirty years so there is no need to go ahead and get a dental implant.


Usually, implants are used when there is no other way to fix ruined teeth. Teeth that are crooked, cracked and stained can usually not be fixed by braces and other methods. There have been many cases when no result was as good as a dental implant. They give you a whole new reason to smile. Implants are also used for reasons such as tightening dentures, replacing dentures with permanent teeth and eliminating the use for adhesives. Bone loss can be caused after losing a tooth which can be fixed by implants. Not only will dental implants provide you with a new smile and healthy teeth, but they will boost your confidence and make you feel better overall.

Of course certain criteria must be met for implants. A dentist will usually recommend the patient be one who has reached full oral maturity. Operating on patients who still have time for their teeth to grow means there can be more conventional ways to rectify their teeth. There is a large risk in operating on a person below the age of 15. Many dentists will recommend waiting till at least 18 years of age before resorting to dental implant surgery. Implants are perfect for those who like to eat as they aid with chewing. This is especially helpful if you have missing teeth and are unable to eat solid or tough foods. Implants will let you eat all the foods you most enjoy but could not eat due to unhealthy teeth.

These are a perfect long term solution. Dentures do not last for as long because the gums around the missing or lost tooth begin to lose the support it gets. In this way, dentures become uncomfortable or even impossible to wear after a few years. Implants will let you enjoy a lifetime of strong and wonderful teeth for as long as needed without you having to feel conscious about your appearance. So try out these implants for yourself for a beautiful set of teeth.

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