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Aesthetic Skin Care Guide: 6 Tips To Rejuvenate Tired And Dull Skin

By Dr Tyng Tan

Over time as we go through the daily grind at home, school or work, the stress that our bodies go through eventually show up on our skin. This makes it look dry, dull and well, unattractive. So how do you revive that youthful glow and remove any signs of wear and tear? Here are 6 easy and simple tips to help you out.

Get Enough Rest

Are you stressed out with too much work? Or maybe worried about something? Whatever your reasons are that are robbing you off from getting enough rest, should be dealt with if you want to make yourself look youthful again. Sometimes skin rejuvenation only needs the simple act of sleeping in order for your cells to regenerate. Little to no rest can be a stress to your body, and this releases chemicals or toxins that cause oxidation. This is definitely one thing that can age your cells faster which results to your skin looking tired and dull. So get enough rest every night as much as possible.

Steam It Up!

Do you know that you can revive that skin simply by using some steam? You can either by a steamer at a beauty store or boil water and pour it into a basin. Place your face over the steam at a safe and comfortable distance. This will open the pores and draws out sweat that will help flush out toxins. Do this at least once a week regularly and you will have that dewy and rejuvenated skin which will also be free from breakouts.


Cut Down on Caffeine

This may be a little challenging especially when you are hooked on it to fuel you for the day. But would it help if you knew that caffeine can be the number culprit for dry skin? As much as it keeps you alert, downing mugs of coffee can dehydrate your skin. Might as well limit that and use water instead.

The Beauty of Facial Masks

Facial masks came into being with the sole purpose of hydrating the skin. This will rejuvenate dry and dull skin as the ingredients act on the skin to moisturize it.

Masks are the easiest way because there are numerous options from DIY to special spa treatments that you can choose from. The more organic the ingredients are the better! My advice for you, is to take a look at the stuff you have in your kitchen, given that yours is filled with healthy food options.

Slather on Some Olive Oil

Do you know that olive oil is not only good on your salad? You can also apply it on your face to aid in skin rejuvenation. It has nutrients that will keep your skin looking young and healthy, and this includes vitamin E, vitamin K, antioxidants, and phenols among many others. Olive oil also attracts moisture to the skin keeping it well-hydrated.

Dry Brush Dull Skin Away

Take a dry brush, and make sure that it is clean, and brush it over your face in a circular motion. This will promote better circulation to the tissues on your face improving your complexion and overall appearance. The mechanical action of the brush also removes or loosens dead skin cells on the surface.

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