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When Should You Call A Pro For Air Conditioning Service?

When Should You Call a Pro for Air Conditioning Service?


Maria Allen

When your air conditioning goes on the fritz or stops working as well as it should, don\’t just ignore it. And, unless you know what\’s wrong right off the bat


you know how to fix it, leave the technical work to the pros. Call an appliance or HVAC repair professional to help identify and solve whatever problem you\’re having. In many cases, he or she might even be able to help you keep it from happening again in the future.

If your air conditioner isn\’t working correctly and you can fix it by adjusting a dial, that\’s great. It\’s probably better to call a pro, though, if your air conditioner:

  • Isn\’t turning on
  • Isn\’t producing enough cool air
  • Isn\’t dehumidifying air
  • Is emitting strange or disruptive noises
  • Isn\’t cycling off
  • Is cycling too frequently
  • Is circulating air or blowing poorly

You may think that you can just make do with a unit that\’s not functioning exactly right, but it\’s in your best interest to deal with these issues as early as possible. Otherwise, you\’ll put undue strain on the air conditioner, and you\’ll run the risk of damaging it further.

Depending on what issue you\’re having, what type of system you have, and how well that system has been maintained, you have a couple of different choices when it comes to choosing an air conditioner contractor. If you have a problem with the unit itself (like it\’s not producing enough cool air or it\’s cycling too frequently), then an appliance repair professional with A/C experience may well be able to help you.

However, if the problem has more to do with the air circulation, then your best bet is to call on an HVAC contractor. HVAC contractors are also a good bet if you know that your duct work hasn\’t been seen to in a while. These pros will be able to spot any systemic connection issues between your A/C unit and ducts that might be contributing to the overall problem.

If you\’re not sure if you need an appliance professional or an HVAC contractor for air conditioning service, then the best bet is to go with your gut. Choose the repair professional or contractor who feels right to you. If it turns out that they can\’t actually perform the necessary air conditioner repair, then at least they\’ll be able to tell you that and point you in the direction of someone who can help.

In addition to determining what the immediate problem with your A/C system is, your appliance repairs pro or HVAC contractor will also be able to let you know if there\’s anything you can do to inhibit the need for future air conditioning repair work. This could be anything from changing your air conditioner\’s filter more often to scheduling regular checkups for your air ducts so that any necessary cleaning, repairs, or maintenance can happen before there\’s a problem.

Don\’t risk your comfort or the health of your air conditioner unit by ignoring a problem or trying to tackle it yourself. Call an

appliance repair

or HVAC professional to get it fixed and to keep your A/C unit in good health for the future.

Maria Allen is a homeowner and an Internet marketer for Prospect Genius, a leader in local online advertising.

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