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Transform Your Unused Basement Into A Playroom For The Kids

By Christopher Behan

These days, it is sometimes just not safe for kids to roam the neighborhood. And, unfortunately, it is sometimes just as unsafe to let your kids spend time at a friend’s house (who knows how much supervision they’re receiving?). At the same time, though, it is not exactly fair to expect children to sit at home day in and day out. If you are facing this same conundrum, basement remodeling may not be a bad route to take. No, I’m not suggesting that you utilize your kids for child labor. I’m saying that you could transform your dark, unused basement into the ultimate playroom for kids of just about any age. That way, your kids can be kids without the threat of stranger danger.

So what, exactly, should you put in your kids’ new playroom? That depends entirely on your children’s interests and hobbies. The exciting thing about basement remodeling is that you have a blank canvas and can transform your space into just about anything imaginable. Because of growing concerns with childhood obesity and the lack of exercise our little ones receive, you may want to transform your basement into a space that promotes physical activity. There are several products on the market that allow you to install a kid-friendly rock climbing wall, which would certainly fulfill the dreams of many a kid. Of course, you will want to make sure that your children are always properly supervised and that all necessary safety measures are taken. If a rock climbing wall is out of the question, a motion-activated video game system may do the trick. Playing simulated games of bowling, tennis, and baseball can really get the heart pumping, believe it or not.


If you are concerned with the safety aspects of creating space that promotes physical activity, you may want to cater to your children’s other interests. A library, complete with a cozy reading nook, is a great option for little readers. Or, maybe your child is a budding artist, and his or her own basement art studio could provide the perfect space for creative expression. Speaking of creativity, you could also turn your basement into a music room. Whether your child takes piano lessons, is learning how to play the guitar, or has been beginning for his or her very own drum set, your basement can probably be transformed into the perfect music studio.

You could also go the traditional route and simply design the quintessential playroom, with one area for building blocks and maybe another for playing ‘house.’ Or, if your kids are a little older, a pool table could provide hours of fun. No matter how you create your children’s new playroom, be sure to cater the space to their unique interests. You could also have a lot of fun by incorporating them into the design process. Kids will have a blast painting the walls, picking out wallpaper, and choosing the furniture for their new space. Who knew that basement remodeling could be so much fun?

About the Author: Christopher Behan is a professional writer specializing in the home improvement industry. His writing focuses on

basement remodeling

, replacement windows, sunrooms, and other home remodeling products and services, and his work has been featured on multiple home improvement websites.


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