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Top 10 Signs Husbands Need To Know About A Cheating Wife

Submitted by: Paul Phoenix

Be frank do you have a deep sinking feeling that something is going wrong right under your nose? Do you feel that your wife has suddenly started maintaining a distance from you or rather do you find that she returns late from her office? There may be times when both if you have had a heated conversation over this issue but in vain; she completely denies the entire thing giving plain excuses. Well, if its so then check out the top 10 signs, husbands need to know about a cheating wife. So here we go

Do you find any changes in her appearance like she has grown more conscious about her weight and spends hours and hours in front of the mirror sprucing up her appearance with new nail polish, apparels and hairstyle? Previously she used to ask you Dear how am I looking but nowadays she doesn t bothers to ask you. All of a sudden she starts wearing attractive outfits. Well, if it s so, then beware, there s a man in her life!

Of late you find your phone ringing at odd times, but you receive the call none answers. Moreover your phone bill has suddenly started soaring keep an eye may be some sneaky conversation goes over the phone! That s true, marriage affairs are common over the phone as it is an ideal way to keep in touch with each other.

She overlooks when you are coming and going things are not as usual as they used to be, nowadays you have less arguments. Well, this is not a good sign! This change in her behavior is questionable.


Recently she prefers spending more time at office than at home. Even on weekends she visits office saying that there s too much of work out there. That s dangerous she might be busy somewhere else!

Of late she has started sharing weakened relations with her friends and parents. She talks less to them, visits them rarely and spends less time with them.

Recently you find her interested to bring in variety in sex or rather keen on trying new things. Who knows it may be that she has learned new things from her new guy. On the flip side, you may also find that she has lost interest in sex with you.

Every new day you find her coming with a new gift. When asked, she either ignores the complete matter or says that her friend has gifted her. Now who is this friend who bestows her with new gifts everyday?

Do you find that of late she spends too less time at home? Well, if yes then is a sure indicator that she is something fishy is going on! She may be there at the internet caf meeting this guy, or communicating him by email.

Previously she was extremely strict regarding her routine but suddenly she has broken all rules and has set her own time frame. Watch out you may be having a cheating wife!

If she travels a lot saying that she s on a business tour then try find out who is accompanying her on the trip. This may come to your help!

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