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Summer Internships In Paris}

Summer Internships in Paris


Michiel Van KetsAre you waiting to start university, coming to the end of your degree or looking for an interesting and challenging way to spend your gap year? Then a summer internship in Paris may be just for you. Paris is one of the most exciting cities in the world; a major tourist centre, and the home of international businesses, the fashion industry and culture and the arts. There are a limited amount of internships available in Paris that are primarily aimed at travel, business, fashion and art students. This is an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in French culture whilst at the same time gaining an invaluable cultural and professional experience (not to say having a little fun along the way, Paris is packed with fabulous nightlife and bars!).

To be eligible for summer internships abroad 2010 you have to be over eighteen years of age and have either enrolled on, started or just completed a degree level course. A good level of French is essential and students will be expected to have studied the language for a minimum of two semesters. Your placement will be dependent on you demonstrating that you have studied or are studying in that particular area. Any previous, relevant work experience will be beneficial, though not necessary.

Students are generally housed with host families, where bed and breakfast is provided. All host families have been vetted and are continually assessed. They live in well maintained homes in desirable areas of Paris. Staying with a host family can give you an ideal opportunity to practice and develop your language skills and to gain a first hand experience of French culture and lifestyle. An added attraction is that they will let you access groups of people generally not normally met by the usual visitor. Most homestay placements have excellent access to nearby transport links making it easy to get to and from your placement and become easily familiar with the city.


As well as developing your language and cultural skills from your work and home placement, students can expect to receive full time intensive French language training, normally provided by a fully accredited French Language school. In many cases tuition is done in the form of group work which will give you further opportunity to meet with other overseas students and so make new friends and further increase your social network. This in itself may have future benefits when you are in your chosen profession. The language schools themselves are usually situated centrally close to the fabulous shops, wonderful museums and pavement cafes which make Paris so special.

The benefits to be gained from taking part in this program are numerous and many are mentioned or implied above. It should also be possible to gain university credits but this will need to be checked with your program coordinator.

Whilst you might have to make some initial financial outlay, such as travel arrangements, some of this can be recuperated from educational grants, etc. (again you will need to check this with your university or your program coordinator).

An internship is a once in a lifetime, limited, opportunity and as such is definitely worth any extra costs that may be incurred. Being placed in an internship that satisfies your particular needs and provides you with a position relevant to your chosen profession can gain you a wealth of experience that will put you well ahead of others competing for the same jobs.

In most situations interns are provided with an individual supervisor who act as a mentor, also once the placement has been completed you receive a formal letter of reference which can help enhance your C.V. and give you a great advantage over other candidates when applying for future jobs. You shall also have established professional and personal contacts in a foreign environment. Finally you will be bilingual which should be of enormous advantage to you in your future chosen profession. Most of all you will have experienced joi de vie. For summer internships abroad 2010 check online to see the opportunities waiting. Bon chance!

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