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Proven Security Solution Face Recognition System}

Proven Security Solution – Face Recognition System


John WaughIn today’s world, we are facing full of security threats from external and internal also and it has become eye catchy topic now a days. In this scenario everyone is very much concern about own security. This is true for personal to any size of organization.

Many organizations choose various security devices to secure their premises, but still there are many organizations, which use manual systems for keep tracking their visitors, clients and employees. As these types of conventional systems having many disadvantages like lack of accuracy, time consuming and most important lacking is not give us complete security.

Now a day’s many organizations used to prefer biometric security solutions like various types of fingerprint readers, show-card devices, face recognition system and many more. Apart from face recognition system all other biometric security solutions having many hassles and disadvantages like fingerprint readers involves buddy punching etc.

Face Recognition System is the key solution for this problem and gives complete security solution compare to all other biometric systems. Face recognition is a computer based technology that determines the locations and sizes of human faces in digital images. It uses face as a unique verification identifier for identification and gives most accurate and error free security solution.


Face Recognition System has many advantages compare to all other biometric solutions. Some of them are listed below.

(1)Easy to use: Face Recognition is very easy to use. Common people can easily use it.

(2)Accuracy: As accuracy is most desired feature in any biometric security, Face Recognition gives more accuracy than other biometric systems.

(3)Environment: Face Recognition System works perfect with any environment change.

(4)Speed: Compare to other biometric solution, detection of human face is very fast with Face Recognition System. Normally Face Recognition System can detect 100000 faces per second.

(5)Trustworthy and Reliable: It is much more trustworthy and reliable than manual register systems.

(6)Mass Scanning: Face Recognition systems installed in airports, multiplexes, and other public places can detect presence of person among the crowd. Other biometrics like fingerprints, iris, and speech recognition cannot perform this kind of mass scanning.

(7)Chances of error: As Face Recognition is fully automatic system; there are very rare chances of error. While manual registration has many chances of error because it is done by humans.

By analyzing all above features, it can be concluded that Face Recognition System is one of the best biometric security solutions and always far ahead of other Conventional Systems.

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