Monday, April 14, 2008

Before the annual Earth Day on April 22, several environmental-related events were progressively promoted in Taiwan. For example, industrial and academical units promoted several energy-efficiency policies, parts and accessories, and products in three recently-closed trade shows (AutoTronics Taipei, Motorcycle Taiwan, and Taipei AMPA) respectively located at TWTC and TWTC Nangang with the international environmental laws and policies promoted in several nations including Taiwan. Taiwan Railway Administration promoted “Twin-rail Environmental Train” (in Chinese: ??????) for bicycle and mass transportation industries. And also, HBO Taiwan promoted the movement of “Decreasing chopsticks to save the earth” (in Chinese: ?????) to drive the public changing habits on common food habits when using environmental tablewares.

It’s bad and worse on the major issue of greenhouse effect because of bad habits on common people in the presence. not only the event by HBO, [I think] the public should pay more attention to understand the importance of energy-saving to improve the environment in Taiwan.

By the way, he also commented on the upcoming event of “Taiwan Bicycle Day” and “Project of Light-weighted Electronic Vehicle” by ITRI and said:

In fact, the Taipei City Government had provided several bicycle lanes on several riverside parks and roads for riding. And about the “Project of LEV” by ITRI, although it was firmly a good idea for energy-efficiency and will bring into reality in the future, but the ITRI should consider some sectors on energy resources and the LEC-related policies must be considered by governments.Generally, not only bicycles, I hope the public can use the public transport like city bus and the MRT to support the world-wide movement of carbon-decreasing.