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Id Card Holders

Submitted by: Matt Franks

ID card holders are commonly used to identify employees working in government, health and private entities. With security concerns mounting in every industry it is more important than ever that companies take measures to secure their intellectual property and their hard-working employees. ID cards and ID card holders also help employees keep track of important items including their security cards and when necessary, keys and other items they can easily attach to a customized badge.

Carrying around an ID card is a lot simpler than carrying around a wallet or a security card in a back pocket (which can lead to breakage).

Some entities use corporate ID card holders to identify employees only whereas other branded ID card holders identify employees AND provide security access at varying levels to staff at a given employer s premises.

Modern technology now allows employer s to buy customized ID card holders that allow varying access and degrees of security to multiple employees or employee groups. Many personalized ID card holders are quite specialized. ID card holders come in many different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of just about any individual or company.


ID Card Holder Accessories

Where there are corporate ID card holders there are also ID card holder accessories. Some of the more common printed ID card holder accessories include access control cards which provide security to corporations requiring limited access to various regions of their buildings.

Naturally there are other simpler accessories for ID card holders including:

Straps you can buy straps or strap clips which help hold ID card holders in place or name badges in place. Strap clips normally come in plastic or vinyl. The clips themselves can be metal or chrome so they are less likely to rust especially if the individual works in an area exposed to moisture. A company can get color-coded clips and reinforced clips if necessary, which is often the case for military and government personnel.

Lanyards you can now purchase printed ID card holders lanyards that are customized to include your company name and logo. Many different colors and styles are available. You can even color-code the ID card holders and lanyards to match specific security sub-levels or groups of employees.

ID card printers why have someone else print your ID cards when you can do it yourself? When you have customized ID card holders you might as well make your own printed ID cards. ID card printers allow business owners to make their own ID photo cards which add another level of security to ID badges. These are similar to the machines you might see in a government agency like the Department of Motor Vehicles. Most companies save money when they invest in their own printing devices.

Reels some companies prefer to buy printed badge reels to accompany their printed ID card holders. These can also be color-coded and can carry badges and keys or other accessories. You can combine these with Lanyards, security cards or other devices.

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