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Hydroponic Kits: A Great Beginner’s Choice

By Hank Gordon

Hydroponic gardening is not just for professional cultivators anymore, although these professionals depend on hydroponic kits for indoor setups it is also a great way for beginners in indoor gardening. The hydroponic kits these days are build with plug and play features which makes them also suited for the beginners. Most manufacturers build there systems with specific features and we will take a closer look at them in this article.

Oxygen and Nutrients

Without Oxygen and the proper nutrients plants will not grow healthy, and that is why most manufacturers have accommodated their hydroponic kits with highly oxygenated nutrient solutions. They even use, in some cases, large sized aerator stones. These highly oxygenated solutions helps the roots and the plants to grow healthily and vigorously. The healthy growth is specifically influenced by the high content of oxygen in the nutrients.

Full-Spectrum Lighting


Light is also essential for healthy growth of plants, it is in fact an integral component of the entire cropping system. Most hydroponic kits have a full-spectrum lighting system. For the appropriate photosynthesis you need to be able to generate an optimum amount of lumen. Lumen are units of the perceived power of a light. The lighting system placed by the manufacturer is perfect for all stages of plant growth.

Easy To Maintain

As with all kind of gardening equipment it is important that it is easy to maintain, and with hydroponic kits this is no different. That is the reason why almost all these grow boxes are designed for easy maintenance support. Most of the side panels of these hydroponic kits can be removed, which promotes an easy maintenance of the plants within the hydroponic system. And most kits have an advanced timer setup to automate the lighting.

Hot Air out, Cool Air In

There is always a mounted fan attached to the hydroponic kits this helps to get rid of hot air from inside. Some of the hydroponic kits also facilitate a front fan for the purpose of exhausting hot air from the internal side of the hydroponic unit. And they often also have a cooling fan installed to ensure a maximum possible cooling system.

Hydroponic Kit Accessories

Most hydroponic kits don’t need any extra accessories they already contain everything you need to set up your own indoor hydroponic garden system. But until a few years ago most hydroponic kits where extremely ugly. This is why most manufacturers offer Rockwool cubes inside the grow boxes where the plants grow. And in recent days, manufacturers offer hydroponic kits in different sizes and shapes, such as in the form of a PC, a locker or a normal kitchen cabinet. These type of kits blend in with the other household furniture and are no longer hideous to look at. But there are also special designed indoor gardens like the AeroGarden.

Growing crops indoor and in a limited space is something that is growing in popularity, that is why the AeroGarden that is advertised on TV is so popular the last few years. The AeroGarden is no more then a special designed hydroponic kit. But no matter what kind of hydroponic kits you choose you will definitely grow healthy and strong crops.

About the Author: The author of this article, Hank Gordon, writes at his website Gardeners Info Point. com about Hydroponic Systems and for example the AeroGarden Black.?


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