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How To Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy?}

How to Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy?


James FranklinThese times, we are seeing a growing number of children developing cavities. In fact, tooth decay is present in a quarter of American children between ages 2 and 5. This is worse on older kids aged 12 to 15, with half of them having at least one cavity. When left untreated, cavity can require root canal or extraction, which is both painful and expensive. Below are 10 ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy and free from cavities.

1. Even when your baby’s first tooth comes out, get started on oral care by regularly rubbing a soft washcloth over their gums. Aside from removing leftover milk, it will help with the transition to tooth brushing later.

2. Do not put your baby in bed with a sippy cup or bottle. Doing so will cause the sugars in the milk or juice to sit on the teeth. This concept is also important later on: aside from water, do not give your child any snacks or drinks after tooth brushing.

3. When your child’s first tooth comes in, take them to the dentist. This will happen at around 6 months, and your dentist can greatly help in providing preventive and making sure that the teeth that erupted is normal and healthy.

4. Children love to imitate their parents. Take this chance to tell them the importance of teeth brushing. Brush your teeth in front of them, at the same time teaching them the process of properly brushing the teeth.

5. Get your child to start brushing when the molar comes in. If your child is under 2 years, use a smear of fluoride toothpaste. By two, increase it to pea-sized. Use more when they can spit it out, mostly by age 6.

6. Make tooth brushing as fun as you can to engage your kid to do it regularly. Get them colorful or character-themed toothbrushes, play a silly video or song, or come up with a story while they brush. Get your child to look forward to this activity every day.

7. Once your child starts having teeth that touch one another, get them to start flossing. Most cavities form in between two teeth. Flossing can do a great job at preventing this, as a toothbrush cannot reach this area.

Now, more than ever, it is very important to prevent cavities among children. Untreated cavities might require surgery to get it fixed, which will only give you and your child unnecessary anxiety and added expenses. Talk to a trusted pediatric dentist in your area now for more tips on how to ensure your child’s oral health and prevent cavities.

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