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How To Clean Conservatory Blinds

By James Chapman

Hanging blinds in a conservatory allow you to regulate the amount of light the room gets. Whether you’re looking for full sunlight for plants or activities such as painting or want to keep the evening sun out of your eyes during dinner, a set of conservatory blinds puts the finishing touch on this part of your house. Normal blinds hang over a single window, but conservatory blinds, since they cover entire walls of glass, usually attach directly to the ceiling of the conservatory. As a result, keeping them clean can pose more of a challenge than cleaning normal blinds. Keeping conservatory blinds clean is complicated even further by the fact that the ideal conditions for plants to grow in are also the ideal conditions for fabric to develop mould.

Regular maintenance is the key to success in keeping conservatory blinds clean. By regularly checking your blinds and giving them quick cleanings, you can avoid having to take them down for lengthy cleanings or even having to replace them. The exact method for cleaning your conservatory blinds will vary depending on the blinds you have.


Insects often become trapped between conservatory blinds and windows. To clean away dead insects, simply tap the inside surface of the blind to dislodge them, then brush the face of the blind with a duster or brush to clean them up. Once you’ve done your first blind, work your way around the conservator, opening each blind to give easy access to the adjoining ones.

The next step will vary depending on the type of blinds in your conservatory. To clean wooden or metal Venetian blinds, wipe the blind from the centre to the tips using a slightly damp cloth. Don’t forget to wipe the underside of the slat as well. Wipe the blind when you’re done to make sure that it is completely dry. For fabric blinds, mix a solution of washing-up liquid and warm water. Apply it gently to the blind with a sponge or soft cloth. Repeat the process with water only. A chair or stepladder might be required to reach the upper parts of the blind.

If the blinds haven’t been cleaned in some time, it may be necessary to detach them. Be sure to check the cleaning instructions on your blinds. Some blinds may be dry-clean only, while others are machine washable. If you’re going to wash your blinds in a washing machine, you may wish to put them inside a soft fabric container such as a pillow case to avoid fraying. Always follow the cleaning instructions for your blinds. Hand-washable blinds can be washed in a bath tub. Be certain that the blinds are completely dry before hanging them up again.

Although the different types of conservatory blinds need different types of cleaning, one thing is true for all of them: regular cleaning will keep them mould-free longer. If you are unsure about any aspect of maintaining your window blinds then there will always be specialist window blind suppliers who will be able to advise you on the best course of practice.

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