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How To Choose Shower And Relaxing Bathroom Accessories}

Submitted by: Chris Wilson

How do I choose the right shower?

When choosing the right shower you have to decide what your needs are. There are many types

of showers to choose from, like handheld showers. Overhead showers are another type of showe

you may want to consider. You may also want to consider the massage handheld showerheads,

especially if you have back, leg, or related problems. Massage devices are great for relieving


What should I know about a handheld shower?

Handheld showers come in many different stlyles. You can get handheld showers to massage

your body. The showers enable you to adjust hard water, adjusting it to a light mist. In this

case, you are able to set the water to the desired level. Size counts, so you want to conside

the size in addition to the water pressure. The water pressure comes from the showerhead,

which you want to consider bathroom accessories that you can adjust.

How do I choose?


Handheld showers give you a variety of reasons to choose the bathroom accessory. If you have a

handicap, or have someone handicap in your home, the handheld showers give you or the person

the option of controlling water pressure, movement, etc. If you are a caregiver, the handheld

shower is idea, since you can use one hand to hold up your patient and the other to control the

handheld. You can also put a bath chair in the tub for the person to rest, or for your self and

elax while the water dribbles down your flesh. The handheld showers are nice also, since you

can rinse your hair. It is frustrating when taking a bath, and dipping your head in dirty water to

inse. The handheld shower takes care of this.

How must do the handheld showers cost?

Some showerheads do not cost much, yet some showerheads can cost a small fortune. It

depends on where you shop, or what type of device you purchase. Most of the time, you can pick

the showerheads up at your local hardware stores or maybe at Wal-Mart

How do I install my handheld shower?

When installing your handheld shower there should be instructions to help you out but if not.its

not hard to do. The handheld showers typically hook up to your facet. You will likely have a

small clamp, which mounts to the side of your shower wall. If you need to drill holes, make sure

that you use a bond to seal the holes, securing it. If the holes fill with water, it can rust you

walls. You can use liquid cement or a silicone to seal the holes. This will stop the water from

going in the holes

How do I maintain my handheld shower?

Maintenance isnt hard to do, but like all showers, there s some maintenance required. Still,

the only thing you have to do is watch for rust build up and the lime. If this happens you can go

to your local hardware store and get a cleaner that will take care of this problem for you.

How can I protect my handheld shower?

When you want to cover the shower, you can always use a shower curtain to hide the shower.

Shower curtains come in many colors and patterns.

You will be able to find shower curtains to match your style of bathroom. You can find showe

curtains in all stores.

Once you choose your showerhead and curtains, you may want to go online and view images of

other bathroom accessories. You can find additional items online, which can enhance you


Christopher Wilson is the CEO of Christopher Wilson International. He enjoys customizing

athrooms and also has interest in the Iguana Survival

Guide and reading about green


About the Author: Christopher Wilson is the CEO of Christopher Wilson International. He enjoys customizing bathrooms and also has interest in the Iguana Survival at

Guide and reading about green iguanas


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