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Hosting A Dinner Party, Where Do The Forks Go?

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Hosting a Dinner Party, Where Do The Forks Go?


Jennifer Ford Scott

If you\’re going to be having a dinner party, it\’s important for you to understand how to set the table properly. This tends to be a lost art form, although it is something that is enjoyed by many people all around the world. You don\’t need to have the best dinnerware or other items at your disposal in order to set the table properly, all you need to have is a little bit of imagination and a little bit of time. Here are some things for you to consider when setting the dinner table that will be sure to impress your guests.


First of all, it always helps to have a dry run when you are setting your dinner table. Don\’t expect that you\’re going to be able to pull everything out at the last-minute and have it come together perfectly. There are going to be items which will need to be purchased and others that may need to be located because they have not been used for quite some time. Having everything together in advance will help to reduce the stress of the evening and allow you to enjoy it more fully. Many people start the process by choosing the centerpiece that they are going to use. You can either purchase the centerpiece directly or design one on your own. There are plenty of websites which show you how to properly design a centerpiece that will help to set the mood for the overall table setting. Take enough time on this part of the process to ensure that it is going to go off without a hitch. You may want to also design the centerpiece around the Claude Dozorme or Juliska dinnerware that you are using. That will help everything be in sync and will make for a much nicer look, overall. After you place the plates, you should then fold the napkins as desired. In most cases, you are going to be using a napkin ring but it may also be possible for you to fold the napkins in unique shapes. You should always have a ready supply of linens available for this purpose. After placing the napkins, place your silverware properly. The forks are going to go on the left side of the plate and the knives and spoons will go on the right side of the plate with the knives closer to the plate. Make sure that the sharp edge of the knife is pointing toward the plate. If you\’re going to be using multiple knives, have the larger knives on the inside and getting progressively smaller to the outside. One other important thing that you should do when setting a table is to stand back and take a look at what you\’ve done. Give it a little bit of time, not only to look for any issues that may exist in the setting but also to enjoy the fact that you were able to accomplish something. Setting the table properly can make a difference in how everyone enjoys the meal, including the one that set it.

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