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Home Improvements Projects That Make A Home More Comfortable

Home Improvements Projects That Make A Home More Comfortable


Jenn Jarvis

The vast majority of homeowners really enjoy the home they’re living in. After years and decades of familiar scenery however even those homeowners in love with their home could use a little shakeup within their own home. These little shakeup’s can make rooms within a home feel new and more comfortable. While some homeowners may initially begin thinking “oh no, expensive remodel”, there are many ways to spice up old, stale, and familiar surroundings and make them more comfortable without breaking the bank.


The first is to buy a programmable coffee/tea maker. Many people begin their day, especially those that rise early, with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Many people however struggle not only to get out of bed but to walk downstairs to their coffee or tea brewer with just one eye open and hunched over only to have to prepare coffee grinds or tea bags for brewing. Introducing a programmable coffee or tea maker into a home allows a homeowner to get directly out of bed, pick up their hot morning beverage, and begin enjoying it immediately. This also allows them to spend more time enjoying their precious few free moments with their beverage and reading the news or just waking up. One of the things that many homeowners look forward to when they get out of bed is a shower. While waking up is sometimes difficult, especially after a long days or nights worth of work, a nice warm or hot shower can really speed up the awakening process. A good shower can leave a homeowner feeling ready to tackle other day and physically revitalized. The problem with showers however, especially those in old homes, is that homeowners may be dealing with very little water pressure, hot water that runs out all too quickly, and waiting a long time for cold water to become warm or hot. There are number of affordable solutions that homeowners can take advantage of to improve their showers. Water pressure can be looked at and even fixed by a local plumber and this step is generally inexpensive unless there’s a larger problem causing low water pressure. Homeowners can also swap out old-fashioned water tanks for tankless water heaters so as to enjoy hotter water for longer periods of time. Furthermore tankless water heaters can also provide homeowners with almost instant hot water. This is a huge plus for homeowners who have a hard time getting out of bed on those cold mornings in the winter. Third on the list is improvements to flooring within a home. Now in major home remodeling projects, entire floors will be ripped out and replaced which can be quite costly. However for homeowners who want to simply improve the quality of their mornings there are a few simple solutions that should suffice. Comfortable flooring can go a long way in improving a homeowners morning. The installation of some simple carpet and even an inexpensive rug work wonders in both bedrooms and even bathrooms. It also doesn’t hurt to add these things to a kitchen as most kitchens have tiles that can be either very warm or very cold. While these fixes won’t really add any resale value to a home they do breathe new life into specific rooms for homeowners and allow homeowners to enjoy their home just a little bit more than they did before which is really what living in a home is all about. These little changes that improve mornings for homeowners are all reasonably priced, don’t require much planning, and can be quite fun to shop for.

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Home Improvements Projects That Make A Home More Comfortable