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Health Benefits Of Meditation For A Better Life

By Bruce Channers

The health benefits of meditation are so abundant that not only can someone with a health problem recover; someone who practices meditation regularly can also prevent a lot of health problems and diseases from developing. Meditation has been used widely in managing many serious diseases, so much so, that success has been recorded in actually reversing mental disorders like depression and others. How do the health benefits of meditation come about? Here is what happens during meditation:

* You consume less oxygen

* You breathe more calmly

* Your blood flow goes up, bringing down your heart rate

* You develop stamina, especially useful for cardiac patients

* You relax deeply


* It lowers high blood pressure

* It brings down anxiety since blood lactate levels reduce

* Muscle tension and headaches reduce

* You develop self-confidence

* Serotonin production is enhanced putting you in better spirits

* Helps women get rid of premenstrual syndrome effects

* Benefits those who have undergone surgery, accelerating healing

* Boosts the immune system

* Develops emotional stability

Where women’s health is concerned, the health benefits of meditation are many. They can get rid of all their phobias during the most crucial time of their lives, namely pregnancy. Through the calming influence of guided meditation, fears are allayed and they develop better focus helping them deal with their feelings. Meditation on a regular basis helps to bond with their babies, and once the babies are born, it helps them appreciate and face all the challenges that lie ahead with confidence.

Slower Aging – People who practice transcendental meditation experience a lowering of their body temperature, leading to longevity.

Overcoming Stress – Everyone is prone to stress from his or her day-to-day lives, be it at work or at home. Depending on the individual’s ability to handle it, stress builds up anxiety leading to medical conditions like high blood pressure and eventually cardiac diseases. With meditation, stress can be prevented, and therefore, all the resulting medical problems can be prevented too.

Managing Pain – People who are in constant pain gradually develop anxiety, lowering their capacity to bear the pain. Luckily, with meditation, it is possible to relieve anxiety, so that pain management becomes easier. Even pregnant women are taught to meditate to increase their capacity to bear labor pain. For those suffering from arthritis meditation has been found to be of great help in reducing pain.

In Chronic Illnesses – There are many hospitals where doctors use meditation to help their patients deal with chronic illnesses like cancer. They are even able to reduce medication, thereby bringing down the necessity to worry about side effects of potent drugs. With patients who have terminal illnesses, meditation helps a great deal by reducing their anxiety and depression and increasing their comfort levels.

Hypertension – Meditation is very effective in lowering blood pressure in patients who suffer from hypertension, so that they are at lesser risk of cardiac arrests.

There are plenty of other common medical conditions where one can experience the health benefits of meditation like infertility, psoriasis, respiratory problems, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia etc. When anxiety reduces, people feel more confident and in control of their situation, helping them to deal with it more effectively.

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