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E Nom Domain Reseller

eNom Domain Reseller



Domain is required for all types of business over the internet. To get business over the web you need a domain name. A domain is nothing but the website name that becomes the unique identity of your business, product or service.

What is domain reseller?

A domain reseller is a service provider that host various services related to web hosting. It ensures the presence of your company on the internet. These resellers provide other services like registration of clients to help companies in acquiring the validity of the websites running. There are special mechanisms like DNS that are used to ensure the safety, privacy and security of the domain names.

Domain reseller services like eNom normally come free with reseller, dedicated server or virtual private server plans. They allow the resellers to purchase domain names in very low price. Generally eNom has a compatibility with WHM and other comparable services.


A domain names reseller ensures that the domain is protected from unwanted and malicious attacks and safeguards it from corruption or other problems. They are well equipped with control panels to manage the things in the best possible manner. The user-friendly interface makes user management as smooth as cake. Registration for multiple domain, addition, deletion and modification of user account is very much easy.

The idea of domain reselling has got popularity in the recent past because it is very simple to do. It is the business of reusing the domain names. It has tremendous business opportunity and they can be the single point solution for aspiring online businessmen that want to have a presence over the internet!

Why eNom is popular?

It helps you in managing the domains with its unique custom Parking Page. It is a single page website that gives a dummy page until you develop and launch the real website. The users will be guided to this web page and appropriate message will be displayed. This message is configurable and website owner can change it according to the need.

The basic eNom account is always a Retail account, but it can be upgraded by informing the web hosting provider and they will intimate your eNom username and password. The account will be upgraded to a reseller API account.

It provides domain registration services for all the domain names that are available. Also, it involves in getting the ownership of unused or scrapped domain names for a sale later. You can use PDQ that is the proprietary site. The eNom domain resellers can do other services like web hosting and monitoring, SSL certificates and other products.

Types of eNom accounts

There are mainly two types of eNom accounts.

Sub retail: This account is the primitive one and users do not have access to eNom reseller tools. Each domain registration is chargeable.

Sub Reseller: There is a lump sum amount needs to be paid and that will reflect in your account. The users will have access to eNom reseller tools and sub account structure.

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