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Common Questions Regarding Maintenance Of Unilock Pavers In Connecticut

byAlma Abell

Unilock pavers in Connecticut offer a wide array of products in different colors and styles. They can help you to create your ideal space, with minimum effort. Using the maintenance tips here will help you to keep your pavers in great condition.

How do you de-ice the Unilock Pavers?

When you are applying any de-icing salts on your driveway you should use caution to ensure you do not use too much. It is important to use calcium based products or even rock salt, which is sodium Chloride, which are both safe for the de-icing process. It is also recommended that you stay away from any magnesium based products, as they can be very aggressive and cause serious damage on the surface.

Is shoveling a Unilock driveway possible without damaging the pavers that are present?

If you shovel the driveway, you should use a plastic shovel, or when you are plowing you need to use plastic protectors over the blades. If you use metal blades on a plow it can actually scratch the surface, which will ruin the entire appearance.

Should Unilock pavers be sealed and how soon should it be applied?

Sealing the pavers is a completely personal decision. This process is usually used to either deepen or enhance the color of the actual pavers and to also protect the surface from any staining materials. If you want to seal the pavers, then you should ensure that they are completely clean and that they are free from any type of efflorescence. It is recommended to wait approximately two to three months before applying the sealant.

Will resealing ever be necessary?

If you make the decision to seal your pavers, it is highly recommended that you reapply the sealer at least every three to five years. This is mainly due to the fact that it will wear away with time.

How do you prevent weeds from coming through the pavers?Weeds that pop up are not originating from beneath the pavers, but instead from seeds that wind up blowing from other places and that fall into the joints and then germinate. The ideal way to prevent any weed growth is to use a filling compound in the joints. Also, never place plastic beneath the pavers, as this will keep the joints completely wet and only make the weeds grow much faster. Click here to know more.