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Biometric Access Control System For Every Organization

Biometric Access Control System for Every Organization


Mahesh Lodaya

Why the access control system is required in offices, colleges or schools? Access control system controls and records the entry and exit of an employee or students. In every office by monitoring arrival and departure timings of an employee the human resource department of the company calculates the salary. Advantages of installing biometric access control system are many.

Biometric access control system is much more depending upon your identity rather than, something you carry like a card or keys as your identity of something that you know like Pin number etc. These all things can be lost or stolen but a finger print cannot be stolen. It works perfectly as the system is developed in such a way where you have to give your finger print impression, hand geometry, signature or voice.

After installation of Biometric access control, an individual has to enroll on a people key fingerprint identifier and his access control is recorded that where he can enter and when he has entered. The set of this function is decided and done by the administrator. When a person enters in the premises he has to place his finger on a machine/reader then he can enter a door or pass through passage, but if the machine denies then the door will not open automatically. This fingerprint access control can also be combined with card reader. These fingerprint access systems are easily incorporated with alarm systems and door strike.


Generally these access control software can use with variations like fingerprint and Card, Pin and fingerprint, or only fingerprint. Access control manufacturer offers compatible biometric access control systems in India which can be incorporated with Mifare cards or HID iClass. Biometric access control systems are surprisingly affordable by any small, medium or large scale companies.

Access control software is utilized by Private companies, government organization, multinational companies where the capacity of the company or organization is huge and difficult to manage entry and exit of every employee. Access control software provides 100% accuracy and speed in this activity.

When this biometric access control system is installed, personnel department will get each and every employee of the organization which helps in calculating his leave, provident fund, day and night shifts, salary etc. Access control systems in Mumbai are adopted by many companies.

Access control manufacturers produce the high quality of access control systems by using standard raw material & unique technology; this makes the access control machines durable. Access control software development is done by many companies. The company develops the user-friendly software which can be used by anyone without taking much training. The software is developed by experts and highly professional staff considering this software can be run with any software applications like Windows or with any server for large scale companies.

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