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Attributes Of Hr And Library Management System Features

This article is related to the educational software. It plays the relevant role in the proper management of the library and make the whole functioning of the library ease. Really, this software is blessing for the school administration. All the operations can be easily handle oriented in the library via the software. There are some features of library management systemwhich are;

Bar-code: – This software helpful to read the bar-code of the book and according through which it become easy to arrange the booking. When the book issued by the user then software requires the entry and after that all the working done by the software in which include how much book are in stock, which one book in demand, date of issued, alert when issued book is cross the time limit and many more functions. Moreover, one’s you entered in the software, the position of the book in the library, then there is no need to search the book. Only by entering the book name or number into the software, a new library in-charge can also get the accurate position of the book.


Multimedia Management: – In the current scenario, the library is not limited only to books instead of its CDs, DVDs, videocassettes and many more multimedia things are also available in the library. This software also helpful to manage all such things.

Compatibility: – The software is compatible with all other software, there are no restrictions.

Customization: – All the features can be customized, As, per the requirements of your organization, you can customize all the features. There is no need to have the depth technical knowledge to adjust its features.

Apart from the library, human resource management systemalso plays the important role in the functioning of the school. There are numerous functions in which include recruitment of the staff, arranging the resume for the interview in order first-in, first-out, manage the records of the staff members and many more. Due to heavy work load, it becomes difficult to handle the work efficiently, but with the help of software, it becomes easy to handle all the tasks.

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