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Anti Aging Skin Care Reviews

Submitted by: Valerie Rosenbaum

Reading an anti aging skin care review can give you a little information or a lot. As you read online reviews, it is helpful to know a little bit about the ingredients that are commonly used in these skincare products. That way, you can understand why some customers report adverse or allergic reaction.

The most common causes of allergic reactions to health and beauty aids of all kinds are artificial preservatives and added fragrances. So, when you see reviewers talk about rashes, redness or itching, the symptoms are probably not caused by the active ingredients.

A warning label on the box or tube is a clue that the product contains known allergens, irritants or toxins. If you are advised to contact a poison control center due to accidental ingestion, then you know right off the bat that the product contains substances that are toxic to the human body.

Ideally, an anti aging skin care system should be safe enough to eat and gentle enough to use every day. With the exception of special deep cleansing or moisturizing masks that are designed to be used on a bi-weekly basis, if the directions say for occasional use only , then it s really not what you are looking for.


What you really want to look for are:

1. Moisturizing ingredients2. Antioxidants to keep free radical damage and oxidation to a minimum3. Plant-based oils, such as grape seed4. Beneficial extracts, such as wakame kelp, passion fruit5. Active proteins

It is possible to find an anti aging skin care system that contains all of those ingredients and is free of artificial preservatives, added fragrances, artificial colors and other toxins. It just takes a little time to find them.

You want moisturizing ingredients, because dry skin simply looks older. It is more likely to sag and wrinkle. The tone and texture is uneven. Moister or oilier skin simply looks healthier and younger.

Petroleum-based oils (petrolatum, mineral oil, liquid paraffin, etc) are not moisturizing. Plant-based oils are.

You want to keep free radical damage to a minimum, because it is the major cause of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, age or sun spots and other outward signs of age. Free radical damage begins mostly as a response to overexposure to the sun, although cigarette smoke and other environmental toxins can cause it, too.

An anti aging skin care system that contains wakame kelp extract protects the skin s hyaluronic acid content, which is important for maintaining firmness and smoothness. One containing passion fruit extract helps to regulate sebum production, which is particularly beneficial for combination skin types, with a few oily spots here and a few dry spots, there.

Currently, the only active protein available is functional keratin. In most cases, protein ingredients are rendered inactive by high temperatures and harsh chemicals.

If you were to find an anti aging skin care review for a system containing all of these ingredients, you would see that people were very pleased. No adverse reactions and younger looking skin; what more could you ask for.

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