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20 Minute Dog Method Review How To Train Dogs For Fly Ball

20 Minute Dog Method Review – How To Train Dogs For Fly Ball


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Travel ball competitions are planned obstacle course relay races for dogs of all breeds. Each dog must jump over several hurdles to a compartment that releases a hockey ball when pressed. The dogs then convert and race back in the same hurdles and cross the conclusion line with the retrieved tennis ball within their mouth. The return of one dog triggers the beginning of the next dog on the team until all dogs have completed the course. Exercising dogs to compete in fly ball requires steadiness and patience.


Train the dog to play fetch with a tennis ball in 15 to help you 20 minute sessions until it can be regularly bringing the ball straight back to you without dropping it. Reward the dog for a good efforts with small treats. Offering a treat will often get the dog to release the tennis ball so it is typically thrown again.

Set up a single fly ball hurdle in the flat area and take with the dog anterior to the hurdle. Toss the tennis ball over the biggest market of the fly ball hurdle and encourage the dog to retrieve it using audible encouragement. Practice this procedure within 15 to 20 minute sessions until the dog jumps the change to retrieve the soccer ball and again to get back to you three times in a row. Praise the dog generously for completing this task.

Add a second hurdle about five feet anterior to the first. Stand with your canine and toss the hockey ball over both obstructions. Walk forward with your canine to keep it on track to jump over both fly ball hurdles together with retrieve the tennis ball. Set up a third and fourth hurdles and continue job in 15 to 20 minute sessions before the dog is repeatedly clearing all four hurdles in both directions and retrieving the tennis game ball.

Introduce the dog to a fly ball box as a result of loading the tennis ball on the box and giving the dog praise and a treat for pressing in the box to make the ball pop out. Smaller dogs may need to get a running set out to exert sufficient force to help you eject the ball. Start your canine at your side and continue sending these to fetch the ball in the box at increasing distances before the fly ball box is usually approximately 50 feet away.

Set up the fly ball hurdles therefore, the first one is six feet from the start, with the second, third and fourth hurdles ten feet from one another. The fly ball box has to be placed fifteen feet at night fourth hurdle. Load the fly ball box and the dog at ones side. Release the dog to charge above the hurdles and retrieve the tennis ball.

Practice with the dog relating to the full fly ball course for 15 to 20 instant intervals twice a day for two weeks. Reward the dog meant for completing the course since fast after it finishes as possible. Train alongside other dogs to boost the dogs comfort in fly ball competitions.

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